Join Edward de Vere in his adventures. He works for James River Associates. There is no typical day at the office. Purchase or borrow the Kindles on Amazon.

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Edward de Vere series by Leslie McRaeJames River Associates provides risk management for major corporations and high net-worth individuals. It was founded by Royal Scarlet and others with a background in the intelligence community. The main office for James River Associates is located in Virginia, not far from Washington, D.C. With its agencies. Some of these agencies are devoted to activities that take place in the shadows with no one wishing to take credit, at least not officially.

Sometimes James River Associates takes part in these activities as part of the condition for it to exist without official interference. Royal Scarlet has referred to these activities being “off the books”. But this is a rare occasion. Usually the clients are people who need some very special services that the police can not provide.

Edward de Vere was recruited into James River Associates by Royal Scarlet. Edward had been raised by his maternal grandparents in southern Illinois, known as ‘Little Egypt’. He lived on a farm and hunted and learned woodcraft. He read books in his grandfather’s library. When he reached the age of eighteen, he joined the U.S. Navy and had a distinguished career in the U.S. Navy in their special operations force. When Edward left the Navy, he received a phone call from Scarlet and soon after that joined James River Associates. In James River Associates Edward quickly established himself as a very effective operative.

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